Reasons Why you Should Choose BigCommerce to Grow Your Online Business

21 September 2022
Reasons Why you Should Choose BigCommerce to Grow Your Online Business

What is BigCommerce?

One of the most cutting-edge platforms for online stores is BigCommerce; it gives you access to all the essential features of enterprise eCommerce without the complexity or expense. This allows you to build your business quickly.

BigCommerce offers several benefits, making it the best choice among many eCommerce platforms.

Benefits of Using BigCommerce as an eCommerce Solution

1. Simple Start: Bigcommerce Offers the Simplest Onboarding Procedure

Compared to other platforms, the BigCommerce platform has the simplest onboarding procedure. Launching any eCommerce website is now simpler than ever, thanks to the quick, easy, and straightforward setup process. BigCommerce does not require you to be a technical expert to set up an eCommerce store.

2. Bigcommerce Enables Professional-Level Management of Your Products, Orders, and Clients

BigCommerce has an intuitive user interface and the most user-friendly dashboard for managing products, orders, and refunds. It gives your clients access to sophisticated filtering options based on categories, brands, reviews, pricing, etc. You can access and manage your products quickly and effortlessly on the go with features like the “Quick Search Bar.”

3. Bigcommerce Is Prepared for SEO

Optimizing your store for the search engines’ constantly evolving algorithms becomes a mission-critical step to support your eCommerce growth. Successfully operating requires a lot of work for your eCommerce business in this increasingly cutthroat market. The main advantage of the BigCommerce platform is that it follows the most recent SEO guidelines.

4. The Mobile-Friendly Themes and Templates from Bigcommerce

There are numerous themes and templates available for you to pick from, both free and paid options. BigCommerce also states that these themes’ updates will always be free. These themes are available in more than ten categories and are all fully responsive. You can make your shopping carts more efficient and increase your conversion rates with these templates and themes that function flawlessly on all mobile devices.

5. Round-The-Clock Customer Support

One of the friendliest customer support teams is available on the BigCommerce platform, and they will exert all their efforts to achieve your goals. More important than the enticing features is prompt assistance when you require urgent assistance.

In addition to these features, you get robust analytics capability, which enables you to derive actionable business insights from data and boost conversion rates based on performance standards.

Do You Require Any Type of Assistance?

The BigCommerce platform is superior to all other platforms for the countless reasons listed above, just to name a few.

To help you with any form of customization or development work with your BigCommerce store, Dotsquares Technologies offers a specialized team of certified BigCommerce specialists. If you have any questions about BigCommerce, do get in contact with us right away.