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Model Chic

  • Client – Dresses & Gowns
  • Industry – Clothing & Apparel
  • Based – Australia

140% increase in site traffic

Metrics reflect online sales from
2020 – 2021.
Welcome to the –
Model Chic

For almost a long time the Australian designer has been at the forefront of women’s fashion.Each piece is meticulously designed to exemplify strength and beauty, and their online shop has to follow the suit.

They wanted to build on their early successes with BigCommerce to lay a strong foundation for future growth.They wanted to offer their content a clearer brand emphasis to create higher engagement and loyalty, in addition to having a customer-friendly website. They sought to establish a future positioning for their brand.

Journey to the – BigCommerce

Model Chic had a clear vision in mind. The consumer experience on the website needed to be more in line with the brand’s ethos and style. Customers are extremely mobile digital natives who engage across a range of platforms, including online and social, according to the brand. BigCommerce platform helped their site to perform especially well during promotional periods and during the high holiday season.

Facing a variety of technology and infrastructure challenges, Model Chic looked everywhere to find the right platform for their needs and migrate their existing site. BigCommerce was no doubt a right fit for their business.

How have the results been with BigCommerce Advanced Functionalities –

Model Chic launched its website on BigCommerce platform by creating a truly unique customer experience packed with powerful custom features, setting them a course for abundant growth. BigCommerce was easier to use, more adaptable, and had a better approach to integrate any third party applications. It was also more powerful enough to manage different types of promotions for Model Chic.

BigCommerce helped them to meet all their necessary requirements, including ease of checkout, accurate inventory, and site speed.

Since launching on BigCommerce, they have reached the online traffic of the website by 7K Worldwide in Dec 2021.

Why Did The Client Come To Dotsquares?

The goal was to create a fully responsive platform for clothing & a more engaging user experience that would help their visitors to find the right products according to the need.

They found us online and by clicking on a simple “Request call back” option, our sales team instantly got connected with easy follow and direct instructions. The end result is a carefree, user-friendly website that accurately reflects Model Chic’s true business goals.

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