The Key Benefits Of Using BigCommerce For B2B Business

12 October 2022
The Key Benefits Of Using BigCommerce For B2B Business

How Can Migration from Magento to BigCommerce Elevate Your Online Business?

Running an e-commerce business online demands awakening upgradation with the new technology standards to manage a good workflow or for the growth of the business. BigCommerce is widely taking over the sector by introducing new business online, and in addition, it also allows you to migrate your business by following just a few steps.

There are several more reasons BigCommerce is far ahead compared to Magento. Magento thrives with powerful tools for their e-merchants to make your online portal more responsive and highly functional. Its numerous power-packed features provide a supreme security system and allow you to implement different customisations. Magento has been classified as the best platform for your small or big online businesses where you can find excellent solutions. It gets beaten out by the BigCommerce plans as Magento is quite expensive in general, as its basic pack starts from $15000, which comes with a free theme, but no integrations.

The BigCommerce community is more feasible than Magento in every technical term, as it offers easier functionalities and upgradation. An online business can upgrade itself perfectly with BigCommerce integration services; even migration becomes easier with its SaaS solutions. The major difference which makes it a perfect platform for e-commerce businesses. The reason is that it won’t ask you for heavy code creation, and also, the framework is so easy you would not think about implementing functions. It will be a good choice to upgrade your online business to BigCommerce as the sector is moving to this new technology. The easy methods of BigCommerce website builder will help you with upgrades in a very pocket-friendly price range and at no additional costs.

Reason For Moving Business From Magento To BigCommerce

There are many benefits of BigCommerce, which will help you to understand why to opt for your e-commerce platform. Its simplicity through its CMS will give your business an amazing transformation with a bunch of rich features, attractive templates and high functionalities using BigCommerce apps. But if we have to dive into the major reasons BigCommerce can change your business and how it will be better than Magento, let’s find out!

  • Uncomplicated Installation:- The installation process is easier with BigCommerce integrations as the access comes with simply creating an account, logging in and picking a suitable theme for you. On the other hand, in Magento, you have to run through a lengthy process of technical stuff, implementing extensions and customisations. You might need proper knowledge or experts to install Magento with your business.
  • But in the BigCommerce community, it is widely known for its effortless creation and then editing in theme, and the interface navigation makes it more convenient to work upon.

  • Reliable Features:- Compared to Magento, you will get more elaborated BigCommerce features in one platform, allowing the user to make changes easily. But in Magento, the integration is not easy; the experts will be able to do it and then allow the user with features. The user cant make changes on their own, even on a minor level.
  • On the other hand, by indulging in the BigCommerce website, the user will be easily able to integrate features, enable hosting and update their online site.

  • Easy To Maintain:- The issue & bugs are very common and will surely occur with time; the difference is between the ease of correcting them. When using Magento, the hosting will be done by the user, so in any such case where you find any issues on the site, you have to fix them and control the software.
  • BigCommmerce will surely prove to be an easy upgrade for your online business with new technology & trends in a limited time, without any fear of data loss. As they are hosting your site, their services will include bug fixation and software management. But working with BigCommerce partners, the user can connect with the support team and fix the issue in less time, being connected with full enclosure still the data security is provided, ensuring that they provide you SLAs.

    Process To Upgrade From Magento To BigCommerce Platform

    Theme Selections:- The user will not be able to transfer the theme to the new store from the old store because of the difference in the working modules of these platforms. Still, the BigCommerce enterprise allows you to configure the new theme like the old one with various configuration features so that you can give your business a new wave of technology with an old established business touch. The new theme in the BigCommerce platform provides you with 12 best-rated high-responsive themes to enhance your online business easily.

    Easy To Migrate Manually:- Transferring the data can be very pathetic and risky at the same time for users who are not experienced enough. Varying from small businesses to large online businesses on Magento, the data can be in big numbers, eventually taking time accordingly. The expert hands of developers can easily do the task as a leading BigCommerce company like Dotsquares will export your site data from Magento and import it into the BigCommerce platform. The process includes exporting the data into a CSV file from Magento, which will later be imported to your configured BigCommerce online portal.

    Choosing Trusted Service Providers:- The search for the best service providers can expand to long durations as there will be some cons with different providers. There are possibilities with some online providers to carry out an error while migrating, which can be very time taking to correct or also prone to data loss. But BigCommerce enterprises like Dotsqaures are currently working as the top-rated providers of any BigCommerce services, with the help of their skilled and experienced team of developers. Dostaquares, as an organisation, is very flexible with its service plans, which are very pocket-friendly compared to other service providers who lack results.

    Final Thoughts

    We have driven through numerous facts and benefits of the migration process from Magento to BigCommerce Community to enhance your business. The major benefit of this migration will be the ease with which users can configure their business and for further changes. Initially, the process might seem hectic, but once you upgrade your business with high-functionality BigCommerce apps, your online e-commerce platform will surely get levelled up.

    The world is moving its online business from Magento to BigCommerce b2b due to its feasible yet best technical specifications, but the price effectiveness makes it more attractive. Compared to Magento, the user will get a huge marginal difference in BigCommerce plans, not causing big impacts on your pockets. So anyhow, if matching with any perspective, it is the right time to migrate your online business to a BigCommerce website platform to increase your sale rate percentage.