BigCommerce Inventory Management Integrations Guide 2022

25 August 2022
BigCommerce Inventory Management Integrations Guide 2022

Inventory management calculates the quantity, location, cost, and variety of products your company offers. These might be goods stored in your warehouse, offered by a 3PL (third-party logistics fulfilment centre), or kept by a different company and obtained through dropshipping.

The financial health of a corporation is closely related to inventory management. Businesses may identify which items are overstocked, in stock, understocked, and out of stock using e-Commerce inventory management. Correct inventory management allows you to see the potential revenue from every pallet in any warehouse.


Why is Inventory Management so important?


Since online customers are impatient and won’t stay at your store if it is continually running out of supply, it is crucial to manage the inventory at every stage so that the store owners can feed the real-time data to their BigCommerce store.

The inventory management system has several benefits, such as monitoring all the inventories, meeting customer’s product availability expectations, getting rid of unused and dead inventory, increasing your ability to re-order and attract repeat customers.

Several manufacturers use BigCommerce inventory management connectors to keep track of inventory movements. So, the major question is: how other manufacturers deal with this monumental burden of item tracking?

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 BigCommerce inventory connectors to help you get started on your search for a solution.

The Most Effective BigCommerce Inventory Control Connectors


Brightpearl BigCommerce inventory management software allows managing order status, pricing, inventory and shipment for many BigCommerce stores, locations and platforms. Brightpearl offers many advantages to its users like smart automation, multi-channel, multi-location, intelligent reporting and more.


Linnworks is a cloud-based software. All multi-channel selling processes are easily connected and automated by it, enabling businesses to manage their inventory, orders, and fulfilment from a single dashboard. Linnworks lets you expand, automate, and manage your company while reaching out to customers where they are and maximising income opportunities.

Katana ERP manufacturing software

You can manage all of your manufacturing and inventory processes using Katana’s BigCommerce inventory management integration on a single platform.

Get the timely information you need to be informed, ensure that products are produced on schedule, and that raw materials are accessible.

Order Desk

Your store’s workflow can be integrated with various third-party providers using the hosted order management system known as Order Desk. By connecting to your BigCommerce store, Order Desk can import your orders, but also the shipment notifications can be sent back to BigCommerce as orders are filled.


Skubana is a distributed order management platform that powers fulfilment, inventory, and business data for brands aiming to achieve multi-channel profitability. Skubana provides various features like automation of the operations’ responsibilities, Singular Clarity from Multi-Channel Complexity etc.

Pulse Commerce

Pulse Commerce Order & Inventory Platform, which acts as the brain of your omnichannel operations, keeps a real-time state of orders, inventory, customers, items, promotions, and fulfilment across your e-Commerce platforms.


SKULabs provide multi-channel inventory, barcode, and shipping solutions. It utilises a single cloud-based system to manage all of your orders, shipping, and inventory. It provides inventory management, barcode-based picking, multi-carrier shipping, purchasing and receiving, and more.


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Effective inventory management is the greatest way to optimise your BigCommerce store, with a centralised system syncing data and ensuring precise tracking – plus automation for more productivity and cheaper costs.

Dotsquares Technologies has a dedicated team of BigCommerce specialists who can assist you in configuring the inventory management connector with your BigCommerce store. If you have any questions about BigCommerce, please contact us today!